People often ask me, “why the name, Red Ball Speaks?”

“I have a passion for people and a passion for helping the people in my life laugh more and to communicate better. So, I have dedicated myself to doing just that through my business, Red Ball Speaks!  Red Ball was a game I learned back during my improv days in Chicago. When I would warm-up with my team at a rehearsal or before I hopped on stage. So, when I was thinking about what to name my business, I chose Red Ball for its lineage and because I loved the idea of a Red Ball as a metaphor. A red ball stands out and this is what I want for my clients— to stand out. Whether that be in a presentation or on a team project, I want my clients to succeed!”

Present your most vibrant self.


Take your team to the next level.

Meridith and her team are rock stars at engaging individuals in a new way of communicating through combining the performing arts and improvisation with business acumen.  Our interactive workshops will give you and your team tools to help with group dynamics, trust, adaptability, creativity, ideation, common purpose, and overall improvement in day-to-day practices.


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  • RAPT Media

    The pace of the workplace today is not conducive to creating an environment of mindfulness and communication where everyone shows up fully present. A workshop like Red Ball Speaks highlights the magic that can happen when a team can comes together and is fully open, present and vulnerable in their communication with one another. I'm in awe of the the trust, connection and joy that was shared amongst our team in just a three hour workshop. Highly recommended approach for an alternative approach to team building!
  • Jeff

    Meredith is such an asset when working with un-trained professionals on-camera. When you're on set and filming you don't always have the time to stop production and really help someone with the basics of on-camera delivery and presence. Meredith does a tremendous job of preparing and bringing out the very best from someone who isn't used to being in front of the camera. Her techniques, her expertise and her attitude are a cut above any other talent coach I've ever seen or used. She is an invaluable asset and I would recommend her above all others
  • Heidi

    cropped-square.pngMeridith gives you her full attention and makes you feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone right away. You can tell she loves improv and sharing her craft. Myself and my team have learned so much from working with her and still talk highly about our classes. She makes learning necessary skills, like communication and public speaking fun! I would highly recommend working with her, and hope to work with her again!cropped-square.png



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